Iomote is our end-to-end IoT platform for system integrators and software developers: a reliable Cloud backend, a powerful dashboard, an easy-to-use App builder and a growing range of professional smart sensors.

Amaze your customers with IoT providing them real-time data about processes to save time and resources.

Battery powered

Devices are powered by rechargeable batteries. Battery life depends on the frequency you send data

Datalogging and rules

If-Then rule engine and datalogger runs on the device. You manage everything on our Cloud dashboard.

Customers are demanding professional IoT solutions. ARE YOU READY?


We design and produce professional connected devices. Our modular technology, from hardware to cloud, reduces the time to market and the overall cost. We are the best partner for OEMs looking to connect and to control their products from anywhere.

Project analisys

We know what generate value and what doesn’t. Don’t reinvent the wheel, just ask us.


Design and manufacturing. Our flexible hardware platform adapts to any need.


We provide you a powerful backend for connected things. With APIs of course.


Your customers are expecting a mobile experience for IoT. Delight them with us.


Our secret recipe for IOT

Business model

What the customer will pay or how much you are going to save?

Service first

IoT revenues are: 80% services and 20% things.

Optimized hardware

Connected devices must be low power and remotely upgradable.


Drop us a line about your project. We provide you a professional opinion, for free