A new IoT product in mind?
We are able to design and manufacture any connected device from idea to mass manufacturing.
  A Cloud for IoT products
We offer a Cloud solution based on MQTT for IoT devices. APIs provided to build Apps on top.
3 programmables modules with same pinout. Real time, battery friendly and free IDE.
  IoT Kits for rapid prototyping
Unleash the power of FlyportPRO on IoT application with plug and play devices and free IDE.



 Our brand new IoT platform made for web and mobile developers.
We are looking for web/mobile developers for our Beta testing program.

Discover on www.smartables.io
What is Smartables.io?
  • No hacking/firmware needed
  • Cloud dashboard to manage devices
  • RESTful API for any device
  • MQTT for Node.js

Customer testimonial spotlights

Lighting interface for iPad
Flyport internal web server is the best
user interface for high-end home
automation products
Lighting interface for iPad
While we focus on the Cloud,
openPicus is a real one stop
partner for connected hardware
GPRS datalogger for Electric vehicles
Energy smart monitoring WiFi
We made a product that is also an
hackable platform thanks to Flyport
Energy smart monitoring WiFi
A reliable platform and partner for
our professional applications
Remote energy monitoring with WiFi, Ethernet, GPRS
Redwave RFID reader with WiFi, Ethernet, GPRS
With just one low cost carrier board we made 3 products
Redwave RFID reader with WiFi, Ethernet, GPRS
the first object for Wi-Fi ecommerce
The easiest way to prototype
innovative loT devices
Evian Drop the first Wi-Fi object for ecommerce

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